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Many people helped in making these books possible, without whose support it would have been much harder to finish. I thank each of you who helped. You know who you are. A big hug to the spirit of the poets for composing these beautiful long-lived poems. Many of them have been enjoyed for centuries and are still wonderful and powerful to listen to. I also wish to thank all the musicians who perform these songs for keeping them fresh and alive.

But most of all, I want to thank my Master, Maharaji, for awakening my heart and giving me Knowledge. He has taught me simplicity and led me to the natural joy within. He has breathed life into my devotion and made it real. He continues to guide me in my daily life and helps me keep this fire burning. He reminds me again and again of what is important. I am benefiting immensely from what he is doing. I could never have translated these poems without his inspiration. These poems are more his than mine. I am very grateful for this privilege.

All the time I was working on this book I was very aware of my great fortune. It felt as if Kabir and the other poets were standing on one side, whispering their poems in my ears, and my Master was standing on the other, laughing and unlocking their mystery. Without the inner experience that my Master taught me, these poems would have been mere speculations. But because of what he has done for me they have become real and I can relate to them as an experience and not just a nice idea. Based on what has happened for me I have great hopes for all of mankind. I think peace is not only possible, it is imminent! Many people will find peace within themselves, not as a group, but as individuals. It is already happening. I have seen it with my own eyes. My Master can help everybody. I have total confidence in his purpose and ability.

I am very lucky to have him.

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