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About the Books Translated by Sushil

From the beginning of time the thirsty have looked for water and the one who knew where that water was has looked for the thirsty. Somehow they have found each other and prospered. It is an ancient game, and the success of this game is well documented. It happens because there is thirst. Thirst is what makes us recognize the value of water. When we are not thirsty we'll walk past any amount of water but when we are thirsty we'll walk miles even for one sip. When we discover the thirst of the heart something wonderful becomes possible.

Every Master has pointed out where that water is. That is how people recognized that he was a Master. But not everybody recognized him while he was alive. He was not walking around with a halo. Many smart, educated people could not recognize him standing face to face. Many mistook him for a mortal. The only ones who recognized were those who came with a thirst. Only the satisfied understood. Some called it heaven, some called it God, some called it peace, but they all said they found it within. The day we find this place called `within is truly the day of our success as human beings.

This book is a collection of poems by those who found what they were searching for. Without that experience one can only speculate and guess. That experience is beyond imagination and beyond communication. It has to be felt. One does not understand truth and then start feeling it. One feels it first and then starts to understand. I don't know of anyone who achieved this without the help of a Master.

I have met such a Master. The kindness of my Master is that he not only pointed out where that water is but he also provided me with superb tools and active support that have helped me immensely. His caring has no substitute. It is what makes success possible and the journey very enjoyable. Make every effort to meet the living Master of the time. It is the most wonderful thing that can happen to a human being.

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