Poems of Quest

the precious jewel

a precious jewel
has come into your hands
human being, recognize its value
success will be yours

you know what happens
don't dream in ignorance
that you will go on living
death is only a breath away

what is the use of reading scriptures
if you cannot grasp
that your God
is within you

remove the darkness
that surrounds the heart
with the light of Knowledge
and see the beauty inside

friend, stop waiting
realize the joy within
and play songs of love
on the instrument of your heart

be conscious

deluded mind
be conscious
how much you load
upon yourself

stay light
don't overload yourself
or your neck
might break

if you are hungry
eat now
ahead there is no food
nor food shops

if you are thirsty
drink now
further on
the lands are waterless

Kabir says

don't become a victim
of unconsciousness

the true way

all who found God
stopped looking for him

they found
the source of joy
within themselves
and their search ended

always filled with love
always singing his praises
they found the living Master
and fell in love

God's story is endless
and divine
every word in it is sweet
and filled with love

Nanak showed people
the true way
and they realized
who he was

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