Poems of Nanak

like a dream

observe for yourself

this whole world
is like a dream
it doesn't take but a moment
for it to disappear

just as a wall made of sand
does not stand very long
external happiness
does not last

do not be deluded
observe for yourself
it's never too late
go within and find the real

Nanak says
find the Master
he knows
and he can teach you

God's intention

nobody knows
God's intention

many yogis, thinkers and recluses
have been defeated
trying to figure that one out

in a moment
he can make a beggar into a king
and a king into a beggar

any time he chooses
he can make the full empty
and the empty full

this world is his
he created it
he can do anything he wants with it

he can take any form
wear any color
and still remain himself

immeasurable, without limits,
beyond understanding and perfect
he fools everybody by his simplicity

Nanak says

give up speculation
find the living Master
and realize truth for yourself

love not break

beloved, please keep
your servant's ways pure
please don't let our love break
in any way

you are more beloved to me
than body, mind and wealth
only you can free me
from the bondage of death

please keep me close to you
this is my heart's
constant wish

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