Poems of Mira

don't forget your reality

human being
don't forget your reality

this gift of life
is for a few days only

take advantage
of this opportunity

you came here
for a beautiful reason

don't let greed
delude you into sleep

don't waste your resources
following desires

wake up
and realize your fortune

find the living Master
he teaches how to awaken

your own enlightenment

how can devotion
be experienced

if you wash your face
but don't wash your heart

if the dog of desire has
cornered you with greed

if the butcher of anger
resides in your heart

if you keep feeding the cat
that creates craving

if you worship
only yourself

how can you collect water
if you build a mound of arrogance

you cannot deceive the one
who dwells in your own heart

God doesn't hear
if you speak to him in words

give up mundane ambitions
and surrender yourself

then you can experience
your own enlightenment

i belong to him

i belong to my beloved
and no one else

he alone is beloved to me
who wears the crown of Knowledge

i have given up belonging
to clan and kin

i prefer
the company of saints

i have watered the vine of love
with tears of my longing

now the vine has blossomed
and is bearing fruits of bliss

when i see another devotee
my heart rejoices

only complicate my life

beloved, you are my Master
i am your student

please keep me
at your side

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