Poems of Kabir

full of bliss

the inward journey
is filled with bliss
divinity is pouring down
clouds are laden with love

bathe in that rain
become pure
let the divine colors
color you
reside in the realm
where the river of truth flows

your love is hiding
within you
look there to succeed

brother, reach
the source of your breath

the truth

what are you vain about
you haven't even found
what you are looking for

stop trying to be clever
talking about it
is not the same
as experiencing it

don't deceive yourself
just because
you read about it
doesn't mean you know it

is something else
only those who look within
find it

the inner reality

i do the inner technique
and drink from the sorrow less cup

my Master showed me the way
to enter the inner world

without following paths
i reached my sorrowless home

the false world disappeared
and my real one shone

i hold my focus
and see

without opening my eyes
i perceive

when the inner reality is seen
sorrow disappears

only one who has experienced
can understand what i am saying

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