Poems of Finding

your creation

what you have created
fills me with such wonder
i cannot even begin
to fathom your mind

from a drop
you created this body
and to it you gave
the beauty of male and female

you gave humans their hands and legs
and a capable body and mind
and to each one
you gave the gift of breath

within you hid
a heart that can feel
and the most beautiful feeling
that can be felt

you filled the forests
with flowers and trees
and you gave the ocean
its strength

you created the sun and moon
for light both night and day
you make the stars twinkle
and send breezes everywhere

even sages and poets
cannot describe your greatness

amazing and endless is the beauty
you taught me to see
when you opened my eyes

find your treasure

my heart has fallen in love
with this internal mysticism

the happiness that is within
cannot be found in riches

learn from those around you
simplicity is the best

we live in a universe of blessings
every wish is already granted

stay true to life
and witness life's blessings

this body after all
is destined to be ashes

do not get lost
in the mortal world

you will find your treasure
in letting go

divine joy

i ate real food
and became satisfied

i focused within
and God became real

this life is God's life
it is for experiencing God
and enjoying divine love

God dresses
those who love
in his own divine way

they get to ride
horses, elephants and chariots
by walking in his steps

Nanak embraced God within
and found the abode
of divine joy

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