Poems of Brahmanand

the miracle

i saw a miracle, my friends
what an incredible miracle i saw

there is a well of nectar
hidden in the sky
which is always filled with joy
a lame man climbed up without a ladder
and drank till he was quenched

without anybody playing
bells, conchs and drums play night and day
a deaf man heard them
and became so intoxicated
he forgot about his body

without a foundation
there is a palace standing
glowing from inside
a blind man saw everything
and described it in detail

a living man died
and came back alive
without food he is strong and healthy
only a rare person
can understand my vision

your creation

what you have created
fills me with such wonder
i cannot even begin
to fathom your mind

from a drop
you created this body
and to it you gave
the beauty of male and female

you gave humans their hands and legs
and a capable body and mind
and to each one
you gave the gift of breath

within you hid
a heart that can feel
and the most beautiful feeling
that can be felt

you filled the forests
with flowers and trees
and you gave the ocean
its strength

you created the sun and moon
for light both night and day
you make the stars twinkle
and send breezes everywhere

even sages and poets
cannot describe your greatness

amazing and endless is the beauty
you taught me to see
when you opened my eyes

prepare yourself

sweet friend
listen to me
prepare yourself
to meet your beloved

we are in this world
for a short time only
then we have to leave
don't create attachments

wash away the dirt of ego
groom yourself with care
weed your garden daily
fine-tune yourself

you have been blessed
with great beauty
offer it to your beloved humbly
don't get caught in vanity

without your beloved
you will never be happy
don't waste this life

Brahmanand says
enjoy that unique union

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